Carter family information


Bert Carter, WA4TLI, and his family live in Cary, North Carolina.  This is information about each family member.

Barbara, W4TLI

Barbara and Bert have been married for over thirty years.  She is a native of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She is a registered nurse with Glenaire and a former Medical Careers teacher at Cary High School.  She received her Technician amateur radio license in 1976 but has not been very active.  Her other hobbies include miniatures, baskets, needlework, crafts and decorating.

Her e-mail address is Barbara at

Kevin, W4KBC

Kevin is the youngest son of Bert and Barbara.  He was born in Jacksonville, NC but has lived virtually his entire life in Cary.  He is a graduate of Wake Technical Community College.  He works for Tech Electric in Raleigh. He enjoys his many friends, NC State football, kayaking, camping, hiking and likes to occasionally go target shooting.

Kevin was first licensed as a Technician in 1991 in preparation for his trip to Russia to visit with several Russian hams with his dad.  He seldom operates but does stay interested in the hobby.  In August, 1992, he operated from Moscow, Russia and also talked direct with the STS-47 Space Shuttle astronauts in September, 1992 as the only licensed ham at Cary High School.

Kevin gets e-mail at kbcarter @

Lynn Morris is Kevin's wife.  She works for the North Carolina General Assembly.

Michael, WA4MAC

Michael is the oldest son of Bert and Barbara.  He also was born in Jacksonville, NC but has lived the majority of his life in Cary.  He is an engineering graduate of NC State University, a registered Professional Engineer and is a Project Leader with  O'Neal in Morrisville, NC.

Michael was first licensed in 1992 as a Technician.  He amazed everyone by only studying four hours the night prior to taking his novice, technician and general written examinations.  He passed all three exams (he only missed one question total on the novice and technician tests) but failed to go back and take his general code test within the year.  He seldom operates but does continue to stay interested in the hobby.  He also enjoys his many friends, NC State football, kayaking, camping and hiking.

Michael's e-mail address is retracm @

Alisa Casciano is Michael's wife.

Bert, WA4TLI

Bert is also a native of Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  He is an engineering graduate of NC State University and is a Senior Electrical Engineer with SSOE in their Durham office.  He is a registered Professional Engineer,  a Certified Energy Manager,  a Certified Green Building Engineer,  a Certified Economic Developer,  a Certified Energy Procurement professional and  a Certified Plant Engineer.  He was named Ally of the Year in 1997 by the North Carolina Economic Developers Association.  He served as a member of the Town of Cary Planning & Zoning Board for seven years and a member of the Board of Adjustment for three years.  Bert has four life-time football seats on the 36 yard line behind the team bench at Carter-Findley Stadium - NC State football.

Bert was first licensed in 1961.  He holds an Extra Class license earned in front of an FCC examiner.  His main amateur radio interests are DX and two meter communications.  He is a Life Member of the ARRL and holds numerous operating awards and certificates including DXCC, 5 Band DXCC, WAS, WAC and WAZ.  He is one of the few members of the DXCC Honor Roll and has served as either president or vice president of three amateur radio clubs and is currently a member of the Castalia Island DX Assn., the NC State Alumni Amateur Radio Assn. Raleigh Amateur Radio Society and the Cary Amateur Radio Club.  He is an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.

Bert has operated from a number of DX locations including St. Lucia, J6L; St. Martin, FS & PJ; Aruba, P40; Bahamas, C6A; Western Samoa, 5W; Madeira, CT3; Hawaii, KH6; Uzbekistan, UI8; Latvia, UQ2 and Russia, UA3.  He annually participates in Field Day helping the Castalia Island DX Assn. group in a competitive effort.

His main web site is at and his amateur radio web site is at

Bert is also one of the top geocachers in the world - #20 -  His geocaching username is WE4NCS - (click here for profile), an actual FCC callsign he maintains.  He has found of over 12,000 geocaches throughout the US in the past six years.   His geocaching web site is

Bert can be sent e-mail at Bert at

Bud has passed away.

Bud was the property manager and in charge of security.  He is a graduate of Pupsi in Cary.

Holly is currently in training for property management and security. Her web page is