My name is Bert Carter and I live in Cary, North Carolina.

Let me share the excitement of Amateur Radio.  It began for me in August, 1961 when at twelve in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, I received my Novice license, WN4CMW.  Working DX was part of my Novice experience and now many years later it continues to be a thrill even though I have made contact with most of the current DXCC entities.

Amateur Radio directly affected my career decision to be an engineer and the DX desire has taken me to all six continents and into over fifteen DXCC countries, several of which I hold a license including Russia, Aruba, Western Samoa, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Uzbekistan and Latvia.  In addition, my DX operations include WA4TLI/J6L;  FG/WA4TLI/FS;  WA4TLI/PJ; P40TL;  5W1TL;  WA4TLI/CT3;  WA4TLI/KH6;  WA4TLI/UI8;  WA4TLI/UQ2; WA4TLI/UC2  and  UA3/WA4TLI.

Chasing DX off and on for over forty years has been a passion.  As a Novice, 61 DX entities were contacted using crystals and 75 watts.  My first novice rig was an Eico 720 and a Hallicrafters SX 111 with a fifteen meter beam and a dipole.  After receiving my General Class license in early 1964, chasing DX became a passion.  An Eico 723 VFO and an Eico 730 AM modulator were added to the Eico 720 to complete the station just after the General Class license arrived in 1964.  Working DX on AM was a challenge but the audio did sound good.  Later, a new Hallicrafters HT-41 linear amplifier helped but SSB was where the action was going at in the mid 1960s.  A new Hallicrafters HT-44 transmitter with SSB helped to increase the total DX entities worked quickly.

Many numerous operating awards and certificates have been received including DXCC, 5BDXCC, WAS, WAC, WAZ, WAP, WAA, ADXA, the 1987 Golden Jubilee DXCC and the Millennium 2 DXCC.  My DXCC Honor Roll totals include 352 confirmed entities.  Now over forty years later, many of my DX goals have been achieved but the thrill of the chase and breaking a pileup is still there.

My Extra Class license was earned in 1980 in front of an FCC examiner.  Fortunately becoming a Life Member of the ARRL was a good decision.  Other membership include the Castalia Island DX Association http://www.qsl.net/cidxa the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society http://www.rars.org the NC State Alumni Amateur Radio Assn. http://www.qsl.net/we4ncs and  the Cary Amateur Radio Club http://www.qsl..net/n4nc.  One of the favorite activities is participating in Field Day with the Castalia Island DX Assn. competitive Field Day operation near Wilson, NC.

My station equipment includes an Icom IC756 PRO, an Icom 751A, an Ameritron AL-1500, a IC 28H, a IC 241, a Yaesu VX5R, a Kenwood TH-D7A, a IC W2A and two Yaesu FT-90Rs in my Explorer and in the F-150 truck.  My antennas include a Mosley Classic 36 up 13 feet and an Alpha Delta DX-A inverted V for 160, 80 & 40 along with a VHF discone, a 4 element beam for 2 meters and a vertical for 2 meters and 7 centimeters up 11 feet.

My personal web site is http://www.BertCarter.com  and email address is WA4TLI @ gmail.com

Barbara, W4TLI, and I have been married for over thirty-five years.  Both of us are natives of Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  My engineering degree was earned from NC State University, Raleigh in 1970.  Currently, my occupation is as a Senior Electrical Engineer for SSOE a large international engineering company.  My professional credentials include being a registered Professional Engineer, a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Economic Developer and a Certified Plant Engineer.

Our two sons, Michael, WA4MAC and Kevin, W4KBC, hold Technician licenses.

Amateur radio has enriched my life and provided a never ending source of experiences and places which are linked to many friends.

73s and good DX!!

Bert Carter